Dareecha Male Health Society, an organization solely working on health conditions, health restoration and social welfare of Transgender and MSM community of Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Dareecha Male Health Society (DMHS) was founded in 2012 with a vision of promoting and imparting better health facilities, awareness of Human rights and well-being of Transgender and MSM community and their associated companions.

Dareecha is looking for an Out Reach Worker.

Job Responsibilities for the post of Out Reach Worker is:

1. To conduct outreach among TG/MSM at a range of sites where TG/MSM visit, providing education, advice, information, sexual health products, and referrals to a range of HIV and STI services appropriate to their needs.

2. To implement a range of HIV prevention strategies specific to needs of the differing Transgenders/ MSM sexual networks at a range of sites, including educational outreach, socializing, friendship building and so on.
3. To conduct action-based research, identifying the various sexual networks and range of sexual behaviors within those sexual networks as well as identify the specific psycho-social and sexual health needs of Transgenders /MSM, in particular amongst self-identified TG/MSM.
4. To work with the other agency staff to ensure the provision and access to drop-in facilities for a range of support, educational and discussion groups for transgenders, males who have sex with males, focusing on sex health education, behavior modification, gender, class, religious, and class issues, marriage and families.
5. To work closely with other closely with other Field Workers under the direction of the Field Services Supervisor and Project Manager in the provision of appropriate services to meet the sexual health and psychosocial needs of TG/ MSM.
6. To work with other agency staff in developing educational resources for Transgenders and MSM, using appropriate imagery, contexts and terminology.

7. To provide regular reports to the Field Coordinator on activities, intervention, qualitative and quantitative action-based research, peer eductator assessments, and other data that is required by the Project Manager.
8. To assist in the provision of appropriate monitoring and evaluation reports regularly on the work being done.
9. To abide by all the policies and guidelines of the Agency and to actively promote anti-discriminatory practice in the work.
10. Any other reasonable duties as required by the Field Coordinator.

Preferred Qualifications:

1. Must have at least one year paid/or unpaid experience of working with TG/MSM on sexual health issues.
2. Must be able to demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of HIV/AIDS issues as they relate to Transgenders / MSMs.
3. Must be able to work as part of a team as well as individually.
4. Must be able to work with others in developing community education programmes.
5. Must demonstrate a capacity for easy development of friendships and good communication skills
5. Must be able to provide own administration support.
6. Must demonstrate an awareness and ability to integrate issues in relation to Equal Opportunities.
7. Must have an awareness and exhibit a sensitivity to the different religious, class, behavioural and gender groups.
8. Must have a good standard of spoken and written in the local language and a reasonable standard of English
9. Must be able to write adequate reports and must demonstrate have training and communication skills.
10. Must be willing to learn.
11. Must be a Transgender

Interested candidates can apply by sending their CV`s on usmanmalikmo@gmail.com or by physical appearance at Dareecha till August 10, 2020.