darīca_color_squareSince 2012 the Dareecha Male Health Society has assisted the Transgender/MSM population based in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Pakistan has religious, legal, and social stigmas attached to Trans Sexuality & other cultural barriers that challenge our work in helping the Trans community access up-to-date sexual health information.

We believe everybody – regardless of their sexual orientation, sexual behaviors, and gender identities – deserves health education and treatment that is up-to-date and delivered without discrimination.

Our aim is to reduce new HIV infections and improve the lives of those affected already by HIV/AIDS. To do this we educate our community on HIV/AIDS & STIs so that they can understand prevention and treatment options. Our outreach workers distribute condoms and register people in need of our services. So in summary, we aim to empower our community by providing the information they need to take control of their own sexual health through prevention education, testing for infections, counseling, and treatment services such as PrEP.

We are increasing knowledge and understanding of HIV and AIDS and STIs, so our community can understand prevention, make informed choices, and live healthily. To learn about what we do click here, and for pictures of our recent efforts, click here.

And we not only focus on sexual health. We also advocate for the well-being and safety of the Trans community. For example, there are more than 50,000 transgender and male sex workers in Rawalpindi and suburbs and today there are 42,000 registered with us… and counting… We still have so much work to do, given the high statistics of violence and harassment. Dareecha tries to log all incidences of violence to Trans community. If you need to report a human rights violation, please click here.

But unless we completely decriminalize and turn around our current abhorrent societal constructs our society in its ignorance or willful discrimination might actually be fueling the spread of HIV/AIDS and STIs. We need more funding, more common sense prevention policies, and more fighting against the stigma attached to Transgender people, which make us particularly vulnerable to sexual health problems. Anti-Trans bias further enables the spread of HIV by discouraging many in our community from getting tested or treated for HIV for fear of harassment.

Contact us here to help us with advocacy and outreach  or click here to make a financial donation.