Dareecha health society

Dareecha Health Society is a community-based organization working for transgenders community and key population with a volunteer board

Welcome to Dareecha Health Society

Welcome to Dareecha Male Health Society, an organization solely working on health conditions, health restoration and social welfare of Transgender and key populations of Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Dareecha Male Health Society (DMHS) was founded in 2012 with a vision of promoting and imparting better health facilities, awareness of Human rights and well-being of Transgender and key populations and their associated companions.


Behavioral changes

40,000 behavioral changes recorded through communication sessions


VCT sessions

More than 10,000 VCT sessions conducted



More than 7,000 STI treatments and referrals made



More than 25,000 IEC materials have been distributed

Our Blog

Dostana and Dareecha are community-based organizations working for transgenders and key population with a volunteer board. Both organizations are providing services on prevention of HIV/AIDS which include volunteer counseling and testing (VCT), sexually transmitted infection (STI) diagnosis and treatment, psychosocial counseling. We do all of this through Behavior Change Communication (BCC) strategy on peer-to-peer basis.In this regard both the organizations are willing to increase their research work by doing the work on the grass root and are looking for a research consultant for a time spam of 04 months. #Dareecha #capacitybuilding #empowerment #healthproviders


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